Improve your tennis-specific fitness at home or on-court.

Want to be quicker and more agile around the court to reach difficult balls? Need to be more balanced on your shots? Want better coordination to have a higher level of tennis skills?

Then the SuperMovers programme is the answer!

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What do I get?
  • Programmes based on Tennis Movement: Forward-Backward, Side-to-Side and Multi-Direction

  • Session include the SMASH curriculum - Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability and Honing Coordination

  • Programmes written by fitness experts with 35 years of combined experience. Working with athletes from Tots to the Professional Tour, including work with Grand Slam Winners and World Number 1s

  • Pre-written session plans, allowing you to train 3-6 times per week

  • Each programme has adjusted Sets & Reps to provide training sessions with a different focus - Strength & Stability, Movement or Dual Focus

  • Each individual exercise has an additional demo video and full teaching points

  • Every programme has an example video of how it can be completed at home

  • Life-time access to the content for a one-off payment


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"SuperMovers really has not disappointed, it’s a very clear, professional programme which can benefit a tennis player, parent or even a coach of any age.

The videos are so well presented and provide an excellent level of detail into each exercise.

It’s range of exercises provide an opportunity to enhance, strengthen, quicken physical movements specific to the tennis court."

Parent to an 8 year old player


"My daughter has been doing SuperMovers programme just over four weeks and we have noticed visible improvements in her fitness level.

She moves faster and more athletic and her balance is better. This definitely will improve her tennis when she is back on court."

Parent to an 11 year old player

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Only £40

At this price, it only costs £6.66 per week for a 6 week programme

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