You are only using 30% of your potential. How good could you be?

Become a Tennis SuperMover with access to expert tennis-specific strength and conditioning anytime, anywhere.

Why do you need SuperMovers?

What is SuperMovers?

SuperMovers is a unique programme  that develops Strength, Movement, Agility, Stability and Coordination in junior tennis players. SuperMovers covers all the qualities you need to become the best tennis athlete possible.


  • Can be done in small spaces at home, at a tennis centre or on-court
  • Needs minimal or no equipment
  • Combines classes to develop all areas
  • Classes focus on developing  specific areas - such as agility
  • Includes short warm-up classes (10 minutes) and longer classes (20 to 30 minutes)
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Why do tennis players need SuperMovers?

All tennis coaches teach players the technical and strategic aspects of playing tennis. Players in tennis academies and elite performance tennis programmes usually receive extra coaching in strength and conditioning. Now, with SuperMovers, every player can have this specialist training on demand, at home,  whenever they need it.

We also certify coaches to deliver SuperMovers to their players.

Key benefits of the SuperMovers programme:

  • Enhance on-court performance
  • Maximise a player's athletic potential
  • Reduce a player's risk of injury

Howard Green

A UKSCA-certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, I have over 11 years of tennis-specific fitness experience and also use my background in the Royal Marines to help produce the best athletes possible. 


Simon Brundish

I have worked with in multiple sports from youth to professional level athletes over the last 20 years. I was the 2018 UKSCA youth coach of the year and I also run Strength:Lab, a science-backed specialist PE resource hub. 


SuperMovers Player Programme

  • Access to the SuperMovers Player Programme
  • Programme developed by world-class movement experts
  • Broad multi-skills movement programme
  • Fully coached sessions for skill development, tough workouts and warm-ups
  • Ready to go 'Real-time Coaching' - press play and get instructed through a tennis-specific fitness session
  • Progressive curriculum to continuously challenge young players
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Introducing the SMASH Curriculum 

A physical development programme to integrate into your tennis. It covers all the qualities you need to become the best tennis athlete possible:
  • Strength
  • Movement
  • Agility
  • Stability
  • Honing Co-ordination

The goal is to create strong 'tennis shapes'

These are the most common patterns that underpin all movement on the tennis court.

Age and stage relevant strength training has a dual focus of improving performance, but more importantly, reducing the risk of injury.


The goal is to develop enhanced spatial awareness

Greater awareness helps the player with reading the opponent and tracking the ball.


The goal is to move with speed & intensity

Having the ability to move to balls in all directions, makes it harder for the opponent to break you down.

We focus on all the key types of movement you need on-court - Forward & Back, Side to Side and Multi-Directional.

The goal is to develop static and dynamic balance

The more balanced the player, the high chance they can deal with shots of varying difficulty.

The goal is to develop a very varied skill tool box

One of the ultimate goals of athlete development is movement efficiency. The more coordinated the player is, the more effectively they will move on the court.

High levels of coordination helps create the building blocks of technique.

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